This video is very cool.

This is a video of the compression roller that is compacting the soil in preparation for the gravel road to start installation tomorrow.  The video does not describe the sensation that was felt.  This roller has a vibration aspect to it, that you can feel in the ground when you stand 100 feet or more away from it.  When I was this close, it was causing my teeth to rattle.

Tommorow they pour more sidewalks and start the gravel road

OK, so here are pictures of where they poured the main sidewalk that goes across the road.


And the pictures below show where they are ready to pour the sidewalk that goes out to the street.  (I know, how many curlers are going to be walking to the facility, right?  But it was part of what code required that we install.  Stupid if you ask me, but, guess what, they did not ask)

IMG_0801 IMG_0800

So only 28 days to wait, until we can fire up the chillers!

If you look at my other blog posts, you see the pictures and videos of the concrete pad that has all the refrigeration in it.

This photo shows the area that is a chilled slab for the scraper, to keep the blade the same temperature as the ice.


Here you see it poured, covered with Visqueen, curing.  After 7 days, they do a break test to determine how it is curing.  After that we should be able to put single man scissor lifts out on the concrete.Once we hit this point, then we can start wiring and running lights in the ice area.

IMG_0769 IMG_0766

IMG_0783 IMG_0781

In the next post I will show you the progress we have made with the interior warm space.